Image Management Consultancy

Vision : “We are committed to delivering the long lasting Image Management services.”

What is Image Management ?

We all carry certain knowledge, skills and intent. But usually the people we meet, evaluate us on the basis of what meets the eye. Image Management is the art and science of projecting an appropriate and powerful image, consistently. So that long after a personal, professional or social meeting is over, we are remembered and recalled with admiration and purpose.



Components of Image Consultancy :-

  • -Communication
  • -Grooming and Art of Make - up
  • -Wardrobe Strategies
  • -Marketing, sales and public relations
  • -Leadership skills
  • -Counselling and coaching

One Second Impression Consultancy

Dinesh Sharma  is the Founder of One Second Impression Consultancy.  He is a certified Image Consultant. He is a graduate in Engineering with more than 25 years of professional experience in Indian and International market.  He started his professional carrier with J.V.C. He has worked with  Indian leader like Grasim and international organizations like Sokkia and  Top.  He is also He has established the business of Top Surveying instruments in India in 1993.

Dinesh  has been involved in conducting various training programs. He is passionate about Training and enjoys investing time in learning new skills.To his added advantage, Dinesh  is The Managing Director of Top Surveying ( India ) Pvt. Ltd. His vision is to use his practical knowledge and experience of image aspect to assist clients in portraying the eminent image that is suitable for their profession and lifestyle.

One Second Impression Consultancy

One Second Impression Consultancy is an image consulting firm that offers training to create a strong first impression which is long lasting for Individuals, Institutions and Corporate. We are professional, accredited image consultants who coach and train in all aspects of :-

  • -Personal Image
  • -Communication Skills
  • -Body Language
  • -Corporate Communications
  • -Leadership and Team Development

We provide following Services :-

  • -Corporate consulting on image management for employees
  • -Uniform designing for companies
  • -Image Management
  • -Policy Designing
  • -Image Consulting in School for teachers and students
  • -Image Management sessions for students in business and management colleges before placements.